Lab 7-3 Solutions

Short Answers

  1. This program achieves persistence by writing a DLL to C:\Windows\System32 and modifying every .exe file on the system to import that DLL.

  2. The program is hard-coded to use the filename kerne132.dll, which makes a good signature. (Note the use of the number 1 instead of the letter l.) The program uses a hard-coded mutex named SADFHUHF.

  3. The purpose of this program is to create a difficult-to-remove backdoor that connects to a remote host. The backdoor has two commands: one to execute a command and one to sleep.

  4. This program is very hard to remove because it infects every .exe file on the system. It’s probably best in this case to restore from backups. If restoring from backups is particularly difficult, you could leave ...

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