Lab 19-3 Solutions

Short Answers

  1. The PDF contains an example of CVE-2008-2992: buffer overflow related to Adobe Reader’s util.printf JavaScript implementation.

  2. The shellcode is encoded using JavaScript’s percent-encoding and is stored along with the JavaScript in the PDF.

  3. The shellcode manually imports the following functions:

    • LoadLibraryA

    • CreateProcessA

    • TerminateProcess

    • GetCurrentProcess

    • GetTempPathA

    • SetCurrentDirectoryA

    • CreateFileA

    • GetFileSize

    • SetFilePointer

    • ReadFile

    • WriteFile

    • CloseHandle

    • GlobalAlloc

    • GlobalFree

    • ShellExecuteA

  4. The shellcode creates the files %TEMP%\foo.exe and %TEMP%\bar.pdf.

  5. The shellcode extracts two files stored encoded within the malicious PDF and writes them to the user’s %TEMP% directory. It executes the foo.exe file and opens the bar.pdf

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