Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job, 3rd Edition

Book description

Be prepared for your next job interview with this tried-and-true advice

In today's tight job market, competition for programming jobs is hotter than ever. This third edition of a popular guide to programming interviews includes new code examples, information on the latest languages, new chapters on sorting and design patterns, tips on using LinkedIn, and a downloadable app to help prepare applicants for the interview. Like its earlier editions, this guide covers what software companies and IT departments want their programmers to know and includes plenty of helpful hints to boost your confidence.

  • Looks at current job search and hiring processes, such as the rise of LinkedIn and other social networks as recruiting resources

  • Addresses the most important languages for a programmer to know and features examples in multiple languages

  • Includes new programming questions designed to sharpen your knowledge

  • Features all-new chapters on design patterns and sorting, including how to deal with memory constraints and mobility issues

Walk into your next job interview with confidence, knowing you have thoroughly studied this newest edition of Programming Interviews Exposed.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Chapter 1: Before the Search
    1. Know Yourself
    2. Know the Market
    3. Develop Marketable Skills
    4. Get Things Done
    5. Manage Your Online Profile
  3. Chapter 2: The Job Application Process
    1. Finding and Contacting Companies
    2. The Interview Process
    3. A Recruiter’s Role
    4. Offers and Negotiation
  4. Chapter 3: Approaches to Programming Problems
    1. The Process
    2. Solving the Problems
    3. Analyzing Your Solution
  5. Chapter 4: Linked Lists
    1. Why Linked Lists?
    2. Kinds of Linked List
    3. Basic Linked List Operations
    4. Linked List Problems
  6. Chapter 5: Trees and Graphs
    1. Trees
    2. Graphs
    3. Tree and Graph Problems
  7. Chapter 6: Arrays and Strings
    1. Arrays
    2. Strings
    3. Array and String Problems
  8. Chapter 7: Recursion
    1. Understanding Recursion
    2. Recursion Problems
  9. Chapter 8: Sorting
    1. Sorting Algorithms
    2. Sorting Problems
  10. Chapter 9: Concurrency
    1. Basic Thread Concepts
    2. Concurrency Problems
    3. The Dining Philosophers
  11. Chapter 10: Object-Oriented Programming
    1. Fundamentals
    2. Construction and Destruction
    3. Object-Oriented Programming Problems
  12. Chapter 11: Design Patterns
    1. What Are Design Patterns?
    2. Common Design Patterns
    3. Design Pattern Problems
  13. Chapter 12: Databases
    1. Database Fundamentals
    2. Database Problems
  14. Chapter 13: Graphics and Bit Manipulation
    1. Graphics
    2. Bit Manipulation
    3. Graphics Problems
    4. Bit Manipulation Problems
  15. Chapter 14: Counting, Measuring, and Ordering Puzzles
    1. Tackling Brainteasers
    2. Brainteaser Problems
  16. Chapter 15: Graphical and Spatial Puzzles
    1. Draw It First
    2. Graphical and Spatial Problems
  17. Chapter 16: Knowledge-Based Questions
    1. Preparation
    2. Problems
  18. Chapter 17: Nontechnical Questions
    1. Why Non-technical Questions?
    2. Questions
  19. Conclusion
  20. Appendix: Résumés
    1. The Technical Résumé
  21. Preface & Introduction
    1. Preface
    2. Preface to the First Edition
    3. Introduction
    4. Why Programming Interviews?
    5. How to Use this Book
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Product information

  • Title: Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): John Mongan, Eric Giguere, Noah Kindler
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9781118261361