Chapter 12. Working with Java Streams

Terms in This Chapter

  • Abstract class


  • autoexec.bat file

  • Buffering

  • Caching

  • Callable object

  • Canonical path

  • Chaining

  • Character/byte stream

  • Class hierarchy

  • Concrete class

  • Current directory

  • Debug utility

  • Design pattern

  • File descriptor

  • File path (relative/absolute)

  • Flag

  • Helper class

  • Interface

  • Java networking APIs

  • Parameter

  • Parent directory

  • Polymorphism

  • Path separator

  • Prefetching

  • Separator

  • Single inheritance

  • Slice

  • Stream (binary/text)

  • Source code

  • Source file

  • Token

  • Unicode

Streams are the Java programming language's way to support I/O. A stream can represent a file, a network connection, or the access of a Web site. Learning to deal with Java streams is essential for understanding Java's networking APIs.

Most of the time conversion to and ...

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