Handling Events with JFrame

Since Frame is a subclass of java.awt.Frame, which is a subclass of java.awt.Window, you can listen for window events with its event mechanism. Import the jinfo class to inspect the event properties of Frame (JFrame's superclass).

>>> import jinfo
>>> from java.awt import Frame
>>> jinfo.getEventsInfo(Frame)

As you can see, Frame has no event properties, because its events are defined from its base class, java.awt.Window.

>>> Frame.superclass
<jclass java.awt.Window at 228949474>

Therefore, we need to inspect Window's event properties.

 >>> jinfo.getEventsInfo(Window) [<beanEventProperty windowIconified for event interface java.awt.event.WindowListener at 861240813>, <beanEventProperty WindowActivated for event ...

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