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Academic connections, 18, 24, 73, 79, 160

Advice. See Skills

AdWords, 137

Angel List, 132

Angelou, Maya, 59

Anxiety. See Fear and anxiety

Arthur, Bea, 188

Articles, 83

Gifts as recommended, 58–59, 73

Target ideas from, 160

Audience. See Online audience

Authors, 82–84, 160, 186, 188–189


Benefits. See Opportunities and benefits

Beta testers, 132

Beyoncé, 4–5, 6

Bio. See Introduction and bio

Birthdays, 24, 74

Blake, Jenny, 27–28

Blog, xviii–xxi, 60, 118, 160, 186, 187

digital presence with, 25–26

friend making with,

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