Revenue Operations

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Crush siloes by connecting teams, data, and technologies with a new systems-based approach to growth.

Growing a business in the 21st Century has become a capital intensive and data-driven team sport. In Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth, an accomplished team of practitioners, academics, and experts provide a proven system for aligning revenue teams and unlocking growth. The book shows everyone how to connect the dots across an increasingly complex technology ecosystem to simplify selling and accelerate revenue expansion. With Revenue Operations, you’ll understand what it takes to successfully transition to the new system of growth without killing your existing business. This practical and executable approach can be used by virtually any business - large or small, regardless of history or industry - that wants to generate more growth and value. By reading this book you will find:

  • Real-world case studies and personal experiences from executives across an array of high technology, commercial, industrial, services, consumer, and cloud-based businesses.
  • The six core elements of a system for managing your commercial operations, digital selling infrastructure, and customer data assets.
  • Nine building-blocks that connect the dots across your sales and marketing technology ecosystem to generate more consistent growth and a better customer experience at lower costs.
  • The skills and tools that next generation growth leaders will need to chart the roadmap for a successful career in any growth discipline for the next 25 years.

An indispensable resource for anyone who wants to get more from their business – board members, CEOs, business unit leaders, strategists, thought leaders, analysts, operations professionals, partners, and front-line doers in sales, marketing, and service - Revenue Operations is based on over one thousand surveys of and interviews with business professionals conducted during 2020 and 2021. It also includes a comprehensive analysis of the sales and marketing technology landscape. As a perfectly balanced combination of academic insight and data-driven application, this book belongs on the bookshelves of anyone responsible for driving revenue and growth.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
    1. Marketing: Increasing Ambiguity
    2. Sales: Rising Complexity
    3. Service: Progressive Emergence
    4. About Our Research
    5. The Bottom Line
  6. PART I: Revenue Operations, A System for Growth
    1. CHAPTER 1: Take Control of the Revenue Cycle
      1. Introducing Revenue Operations, a New Way to Create Sustainable, Scalable Growth
      2. The Financial Link Between Firm Value and Growth
      3. The Challenges of Growth in the Twenty-First Century: Customers, Disruptions, and Fragmentation
    2. CHAPTER 2: Create Value and Impact from Revenue Operations
      1. How Revenue Operations Creates Value
      2. The Change Management Hurdle
  7. PART II: The Management System to Align Your Revenue Teams
    1. CHAPTER 3: Understand Six Pillars of the Management System
      1. Commercial Leadership That Unifies Marketing, Sales, and Service
      2. Commercial Operations That Support All Growth-Related Functions
      3. Commercial Architecture That Maximizes the Return on Selling Assets
      4. Commercial Insights Built on Customer Engagement and Seller Activity Data
      5. Commercial Enablement Capabilities That Turn Your Technology into a “Force Multiplier”
      6. Commercial Practices That Maximize Return from Customer Data, Technology, Content, and Intellectual Property Assets
    2. CHAPTER 4: Lead a Modern Business That Aligns Marketing, Sales, and Service
      1. Growth Levers Across Executive Functions
      2. A New Generation of Growth Leader Emerges
    3. CHAPTER 5: Use One of Three Leadership Models: The Tsar, the Federation, and the Chief of Staff
      1. The Tsar: Putting a “CXO” in Charge of Revenue Teams
      2. The Federation: An Alliance Among Leadership Functions
      3. The Chief of Staff: A Revenue Operations “Rock Star”
      4. Case Study: Enhancing Value Across the Company at GHX
  8. PART III: An Operating System for Conecting Technology, Data, Processes, and Teams
    1. CHAPTER 6: Assemble the Nine Building Blocks of Revenue Operations
      1. What Does an Operating System for Business Look Like?
      2. The Building Blocks of the Revenue Operating System
      3. The Team That Connects the Most Dots Wins
    2. CHAPTER 7: Connect Your Data, Technology, and Channel Assets to Acquire More Customers
      1. The Importance of Strategically Managing the Return on Commercial Assets
      2. Building Block #1: Revenue Enablement – CRM, Content, and Learning Technologies That Support Selling
      3. Building Block #2: Channel Optimization – Selling Channels That Maximize Effective and Efficient Interactions
      4. Building Block #3: Customer-Facing Technology – The Owned Digital Selling Infrastructure That Manages Customer Touchpoints
    3. CHAPTER 8: Blend Data into Insights That Inform Selling Actions, Conversations, and Decisions in Real Time
      1. Unlocking the Potential of Analytics to Ignite Growth
      2. Building Block #4: Revenue Intelligence – Manage and Measure Financial Value
      3. Building Block #5: Engagement Data Hub – Leverage Advanced Analytics to Connect Growth Assets to Value
      4. Building Block #6: Customer Intelligence – Use Customer Data to Inform Decisions, Actions, and Conversations
    4. CHAPTER 9: Extract More Revenue and Margins from Your Teams and Resources
      1. Building Block #7: Talent Development - Attract, Develop, and Retain Commercial Talent
      2. Building Block #8: Revenue Optimization – Allocate People, Time, and Effort Against Opportunities
      3. Building Block #9: Revenue Enhancement – Increase Revenue Yield with Better Packaging, Pricing, and Personalizing Offers
    5. CHAPTER 10: Tune the Revenue Operating System to Get Maximum Performance
      1. Digitize Planning Processes to Improve Agility in Deploying Your Resources
      2. Use Analytics to Make Better Predictions, Forecasts, and Investment Decisions
      3. Adopt Advanced Modeling Techniques to Evaluate More Scenarios and Build Consensus
      4. The Power of Simulations to “War Game” Scenarios, Pressure Test Plans, and Building a Common Purpose
      5. The Power of Models to Algorithmically Balance and Tune Your Revenue Engine
  9. PART IV: How to Get Started and Drive Impact
    1. CHAPTER 11: Deliver Growth with Six Smart Actions
      1. Deliver Growth with Smart Actions
      2. Six Proven Smart Actions That Work
      3. Get Better Visibility into the Revenue Cycle
      4. Simplify the Selling Workflow
      5. Share Marketing Insights with Frontline Sellers
      6. Develop and Retain High-Performing Selling Talent
      7. Make Selling Channels More Effective
      8. Streamline and Personalize the Selling Content Supply Chain
    2. CHAPTER 12: Tailor Revenue Operations to Work for Your Business, Big or Small
      1. How Revenue Operations Can Grow Revenues, Profits, and Value in Your Business
      2. Transforming the Large Enterprise
      3. Actions Enterprise Leaders Should Be Prioritizing
      4. Achieving Hyper-Growth for Small Companies
      5. Actions Hyper-Growth Leaders Should Be Prioritizing
    3. CHAPTER 13: Make the Business Case for Your Growth System, from Activity to Impact
      1. Prioritize Actions That Will Generate Short- and Long-Term Value
      2. A Financially Valid Framework for Connecting Smart Actions to Firm Value: The Revenue Value Chain
      3. How to Apply the Financial Framework to Create Budget, Buy-In, and Action
    4. CHAPTER 14: Practical Tools to Take Control of Your Revenue Cycle
  10. Glossary
  11. References
  12. Index
  13. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Revenue Operations
  • Author(s): Stephen Diorio, Chris K. Hummel
  • Release date: April 2022
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119871118