Chapter 20. Propellant Systems Safety
William D. Manha
Senior Specialist, Propulsion Pressure Systems, Jacobs Engineering, Houston, Texas


20.1 Solid Propellant Propulsion Systems Safety 662
By H. F. R. Schöyer
20.2 Liquid Propellant Propulsion Systems Safety 673
By William D. Manha
20.3 Hypergolic Propellants 683
20.4 Propellant Fire 686
By David L. Baker and Miguel J. Maes
Success in space demands perfection. Many of the brilliant achievements made in this vast, austere environment seem almost miraculous. Behind each apparent miracle, however stands the flawless performance of numerous highly complex systems. All are important. The failure of only one portion of a launch vehicle of spacecraft can cause failure of an entire mission. But the first ...

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