Chapter 12

Getting into the Gallery

In This Chapter

arrow Putting pictures into albums

arrow Tagging people in pictures

arrow Editing videos

Most of us have one: a box stuffed with hundreds of precious, irreplaceable family photographs. One of these days, I promise, I’ll get around to sorting through them. Is that Aunt Ruth or Uncle Frank? They look so much alike. Was this picture taken at Orchard Beach, Brighton Beach, or Lake Maxinkuckee? And what do I do to separate out 73 hours of video of the kids arguing with each other from a few wonderful glimpses of cuteness?

Good luck with that project. I hope you complete it before the prints and film molder away.

But on a happier note, your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK has features that help you organize, label, and share your photos and videos. It all comes together in a place called the Gallery.

Visiting Your Picture Gallery

Like the smart little computer it is, your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is available any time you need help, never takes a coffee break, and doesn’t care if you stomp your feet and whistle as you browse the collection.

remember.eps You can see any ...

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