Chapter 22

Taking the Tab with You


Bullet Bringing the Galaxy Tab on a trip

Bullet Taking the tablet on an airplane

Bullet Using your Galaxy Tab overseas

Bullet Avoiding overseas data charges

Last time I checked, the Galaxy Tab didn't have a rolling tread, like a tank. That would be nifty, and I'm sure that more Real Men would buy a Tab with a tank tread, but that's not my point: Your tablet is a mobile device. It's wireless. It runs on battery power. You can take the Galaxy Tab with you everywhere you go and not get those peculiar looks you get when you take the washing machine with you.

How far can you go with your Tab? As far as you want. As long as you can carry the tablet with you, it goes where you go. How it functions may change, depending on your environment.

Before You Go

Unless the house is on fire, you should prepare several items before leaving on a trip with your Galactic tablet. First and most important, of course, is to charge the thing. I plug my tablet in overnight before leaving the next day.

Consider getting movies, eBooks, and music for the road. I prefer to sit and stew ...

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