Chapter 23

Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Bullet Cleaning the tablet

Bullet Checking the battery

Bullet Saving battery power

Bullet Solving annoying problems

Bullet Searching for support

Bullet Troubleshooting issues

Bullet Getting answers

I hear that the maintenance on the Eiffel Tower is arduous. Once a year, the French utterly disassemble the landmark; individually scrub every girder, nut, and bolt; and then put it all back together. The entire operation is performed early in the morning, so that when Paris wakes up, no one notices. Well, people notice that the Tower is cleaner, but no one is aware that it was completely disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt. Truly, the French are amazing.

Fortunately, maintenance for your Galaxy Tab isn't as consuming as maintenance on one of the world's great monuments. For example, ...

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