Chapter 10. Clearing the Way for SRE in the Enterprise

“Sounds great, but how would that ever work here?”

Do you work in a medium- to large-sized enterprise? Did this question cross your mind while reading this book? Know that you are not alone.

Changing how an organization does its operations is difficult at any scale. However, it is in the enterprise where the challenges and roadblocks to change will often seem like insurmountable mountains.

Change your tools? Complicated, but doable at any size.

Teach individuals new skills? Difficult, slow work, but there are known paths for everyone to follow.

Fundamentally change how your organization works? This is where you hit that metaphorical mountain in all but the smallest of organizations.

Fear not, moving from a classic enterprise operations model to an SRE model is doable. Companies are doing it right now as you read this book.

This chapter is for enterprise leaders who are seeking to transform their traditional operations organizations to SRE. You will learn how to identify and clear the obstacles that, if left unaddressed, would otherwise undermine your SRE transformation.

This chapter comes from a compilation of knowledge gained while working with large enterprises to transform their operations organizations. These folks have taken the uncharted path to SRE so that your journey might be easier.

First, I will examine the systemic forces that will be standing in your way. Second, I will highlight techniques ...

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