Chapter 12. DevOps and SRE: Voices from the Community


From almost the very beginning of my time interacting with the SRE community, I’ve been curious about the relationship between DevOps and SRE. I’ve had the pleasure of talking about this with many smart people and heard many smart things. As far as I can tell, it’s not a settled question. Each person I have talked to added something to my understanding. When it came time to find a contributor on this topic, it seemed like the best thing I could do would be to invite as many voices into the discussion as possible.

Welcome to an experiment—an entirely crowdsourced chapter.


At the end of February 2018, I put up a website with a page that asked the following:

In two paragraphs or less, what do you think is the relationship between DevOps and SRE? How are they similar? How are they different? Can both be implemented at every organization? Can the two exist in the same org at the same time? And so on…

I put a call out via Twitter and LinkedIn to my professional social network for contributions (and to ask them to pass a pointer to this web page to their network, as well, which many kindly did). In the end, Google Analytics reports 1,165 people from 34 separate countries came to the contribution page.


It was thrilling to see the sorts of thoughtful answers I received to these questions. I present to you now, only slightly copyedited, a sample of the responses1 I received ...

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