Creating Keyboard Shortcuts

A number of keyboard shortcuts are at your disposal. You learned about several of them in Useful Shortcuts. For example you learned that Ctrl+l clears the screen, and Ctrl+a jumps to the beginning of the line. Use the bind -p command to see a list of all the defined commands available. It’s a long list, so use less:

 $ ​​bind​​ ​​-p​​ ​​|​​ ​​less
 "\C-g": abort
 "\C-x\C-g": abort
 "\e\C-g": abort
 "\C-j": accept-line
 "\C-m": accept-line

In addition to the ones already defined, you can make your own. Try it out by using the bind command to map Ctrl+t to execute the pwd command:

 $ ​​bind​​ ​​'"\C-t": "pwd\n"'

Note a couple things about this. First, you need single quotes around the keybinding definition. ...

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