P-channel MOS (PMOS), 68–69, 69f
Packaging, 523
shift and long-term stability, 80
Paddle MEMS cantilevers, 393, 393f
Paradigm shifts, 2
Parallel plate capacitive sensor, 89, 89f
Parallel-plate actuator, 326, 326f
Parametric echo classification, 221–222
Parasitic capacitance, 175–177, 175f–177f
estimation, 212–214
Parasitic capacitive effects, 175–176, 177f, 181, 182f–183f, 190–194, 202
circuit modification for estimation, 213f
monitoring, 212
nonnegligible sensor, 193f–194f
Parasitic effects, 107–108
Parasitic series resistance, 103–104, 104f
Paschen’s law, 315
Pass-through absolute minimization, 231
processing block, 237
Passive microfluidic mixers, ...

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