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Spiral Up: ... and Other Management Secrets Behind Wildly Successful Initiatives

Book Description

Maybe the reason so many well-intentioned management initiatives fall short is because typical "best practice" methods only help managers avoid failure, rather than produce genuinely spectacular results. Jane Linder proposes a new way of managing. Based on her study of more than 40 wildly successful projects, she has identified five characteristics that fly in the face of conventional practice:

Make Space – Allow the project to grow and develop in unpredictable ways.

Get it Right – Insist on finding the right answers to the toughest questions.

Make a Difference – Reach beyond your grasp to accomplish the impossible.

Energize People – Create an emotional environment filled with challenge.

Spiral Up – Don’t stop with a single achievement; use it as a step to greater success.

From developing a virtual reality simulator for underwater mining equipment to saving an Ohio oil refinery from closure, Spiral Up presents accounts of everyday project champions who have produced breathtaking results . . . and shows readers how to do the same.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Foreword
  3. Preface
  4. 1. Concrete Slippers or Helium Hightops: The Management Secrets Behind Wildly Successful Initiatives
    1. David Rose and Ambient Devices
    2. How do Wildly Successful Initiatives Differ from Ordinary Projects?
      1. Make a Difference
      2. Make Space
      3. Get It Right
      4. Energize People
      5. Spiral Up
    3. Creating Wildfires of Meaningful Work
  5. 2. Locked in Lima: An Oil Refinery at Risk Creates a New Future
    1. The Writing on the Wall
    2. The Chicken and the Egg
    3. Engaging More Brains
    4. The Manufacturing Game
    5. The Butane Action Team
    6. Lima on the Block
    7. BP Pulls the Rug Out
    8. The Community Pitches In
    9. Lima Earns a Future
    10. Epilogue
  6. 3. Secret #1: Reach Beyond Your Grasp
    1. Don’t Accept the Common View; Look at the Situation Differently
    2. Don’t Aim for a Target That’s Within Reach; Take a Leap of Faith
    3. Don’t Set Your Objectives Rationally; Make Them Personal
      1. Principled Action
      2. Impossible Challenge
      3. Beautiful Dream
    4. Reaching in a Nutshell
  7. 4. The Connected Revenue Agency: Stansylvania’s Tax Administration Learns to Love Change
    1. Revenue
    2. The Data Study
    3. Shifting Gears
    4. eRevenue System
    5. Connecting the Dots
    6. Integration Ripples Out
  8. 5. Secret #2: Make Space
    1. Why Does Wild Success Flourish in Space Rather Than in Structure?
    2. What Makes Up Space?
      1. Frame a Big Idea
      2. Nurture a Sense of Autonomy
      3. Liberate Time and Effort
      4. Find the Money You Need as You Go Along
      5. Physical Space Lends a Helping Hand
    3. What Does It Take to Make Space?
      1. Set Boundaries
      2. Persuade People that the Problem Can Be Solved
      3. Remove Obstacles
      4. No Room to Fail
    4. Making Space with Customers
    5. How Can Champions Make Space for Themselves and Their Initiatives?
      1. To Make Space for Yourself
      2. To Make Space for Your People
  9. 6. The Bigger Dig: Unconventional Scientists Break New Ground in Underwater Mining
    1. Scratching the Surface
    2. The First Cut
    3. Hardware Poor
    4. Checking In
    5. Hardware Rich
    6. A Useful Tool
  10. 7. Secret #3: Get It Right
    1. Upend the Given Wisdom
    2. Make It Simple
    3. Finding Solutions
      1. Learn by Trying
      2. Engage Colleagues
      3. Seek Out Partners Who Have What You Need
      4. Get Real Customers in the Game
      5. Face the Truth
    4. If You Still Can’t See the Right Answer, Build a Platform to Stand On
    5. If You Remember One Thing
  11. 8. AIRNow: EPA Mavericks Show That Good Air Quality Has Grass Roots
    1. Regulating Air Quality[1]
    2. AIRNow Takes Shape
    3. EMPACT
    4. Picking Up Steam
    5. AIRNow Airs
    6. Making a Difference
    7. Time to Declare Victory?
  12. 9. Secret #4: Energize People
    1. Emotional Levers
      1. Winning
      2. Striving
      3. Belonging
      4. Choosing
      5. Creating
      6. Defending or Protecting
      7. Contributing—a Sense of Doing Something Meaningful or Important
      8. Making the Emotional Hooks Work
      9. Take Volunteers
      10. Do Things for the First Time
      11. Don’t (Just) Pay for Performance; Sing Praises
      12. If You Don’t Have Enemies, Make Some
    2. The Interpersonal Foundation
      1. Playfulness
      2. Trust
      3. Optimism
    3. Managing the Emotional Field Over Time
      1. New People
      2. New Problems
      3. New Punch
      4. If You Remember One Thing
  13. 10. Coplink: An Unconventional Collaboration Revolutionizes Law Enforcement
    1. Building the Prototype
    2. Funding Fears
    3. Becoming Bulletproof
    4. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
    5. Building Buzz
    6. Loosening the Academic Ties
    7. Tsunami
    8. On a Roll
  14. 11. Secret #5: Spiral Up
    1. The Confidence Game
    2. Create Plateaus
    3. Use Accelerators to Build Momentum
      1. Take Advantage of Luck
      2. Create Forcing Functions
      3. Leverage a Heartbeat or Natural Rhythm
    4. Measuring Progress
    5. Don’t Declare Victory
  15. 12. Working Wonders: Putting the Pieces Together
    1. Reach Beyond Your Grasp
    2. Make Space
    3. Get It Right
    4. Energize People
    5. Spiral Up
    6. The Dynamic
    7. Roll Up or Roll Out
    8. The People
    9. The One Great Person Theory
    10. The Way We Organize (or, You Are What You Eat)
    11. What Difference Does Working Wonders Make?
  16. Notes
    1. Chapter 1
    2. Chapter 2
    3. Chapter 3
    4. Chapter 4
    5. Chapter 5
    6. Chapter 6
    7. Chapter 7
    8. Chapter 8
    9. Chapter 9
    10. Chapter 10
    11. Chapter 11
    12. Chapter 12