Chapter Seventeen. Resources for Entrepreneurs

The plethora of resources available for entrepreneurs is truly inexhaustible. Since the late 1970s, an incredible number of organizations have recognized entrepreneurship including every level of government from federal to local. The United States has a Web site just for entrepreneurs ( and has numerous topics, including business law, employment, finance, and all of the forms for compliance with federal laws.

It is constantly updated and also includes topics specific to the moment. For instance, it would provide information and access to disaster relief when a federal disaster is declared. In addition, many other government departments have resources or sites for small businesses.

The Departments of Agriculture, Treasury, and Education each have resources as well as various specialized resources for veterans, minorities, women, and other “special populations.”

There are excellent resources for women from organizations like the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and the National Association of Women Business Owners. There is also the Minority Business Development Agency, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Each state and many local governments also have resources that can help entrepreneurs. For instance, New Jersey has an Economic Development Authority with an extensive Web site. As you might expect, the resources change constantly, supporting whatever need or opportunity an area may be emphasizing at a particular time. ...

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