About the Author

Wilbert (Bill) O. Galitz is an internationally respected consultant, author, and instructor with a long and illustrious career in Human Factors and user-interface design. For many years he has consulted, lectured, written about, and conducted seminars and workshops on these topics worldwide. He is now the author of eleven books, and his first book, Human Factors in Office Automation (1980), was critically acclaimed internationally. This book was the first to address the entire range of human factors issues involved in business information systems. As a result, he was awarded the Administrative Management Society's Olsten Award. Other books have included User-Interface Screen Design and It's Time to Clean Your Windows. He has long been recognized as a world authority on the topic of screen design.

Bill's career now spans more than 45 years in information systems, and he has been witness to the amazing transformation of technology over this time span. His career began in 1961 with the System Development Corporation, where he was a Training Consultant for the SAGE North American Air Defense System. SAGE was the world's first large-scale display-based system. Before forming his own consulting company in 1981, he worked for CNA Insurance and the Insurance Company of North America (now CIGNA), where he designed the user-interfaces and developed screen and interface design standards for a variety of business information systems. His work experience also includes an appointment ...

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