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The GuruBook is an inspiring collection of 45 articles and interviews with well-known thought leaders and entrepreneurs, whose leadership and strategic skills have resulted in very successful businesses. These renowned leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators have tested their visions and assumptions and have forged revolutionary business models.

In this book, they share their most important insights, learnings, and tools. They cover broad topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership, and they illustrate why these are not separate topics, but indeed must be combined and linked to succeed as a business and as an entrepreneur.

The GuruBook was published in Scandinavia in the Autumn of 2016 and was an instant #1 bestseller. This English version of the book contains many additional exciting interviews with thinkers such as Salim Ismail (Singularity University), Naveen Jain (Moon Express), Jimmy Maymann (Huffington Post), Otto Scharmer (Theory U), Blake Mycoskie (TOMS) and many others.

The GuruBook is for burgeoning entrepreneurs, leaders, business developers, and innovators who know that traditional business models no longer provide results in fast-evolving digital and global economies.

Other contributing authors to the book include Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Steve Blank, Sonia Arrison, Daniel Burrus, Edgar H. Schein, Henry Mintzberg, Tom Peters, Pascal Finette, Andreas Ehn, Murray Newlands, Brian Chesky, Hampus Jakobsson, Craig Newmark, Danny Lange, Alf Rehn, Paul Nunes, Nathan Furr and Mette Lykke.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half-Title
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Entrepreneurship
    1. Blake Mycoskie // Giving is our future
    2. Naveen Jain// Where was the entrepreneurial dinosaur when we needed him?
    3. Pascal Finette// Work is love made visible
    4. Martin Bjergegaard// Do you create from the light side or the dark side?
    5. Richard St John// Five simple ways to get super ideas
    6. Camilla Ley Valentin// Starting without an idea
    7. Paavo Beckman// How to conquer the world without money
    8. Sophie Trelles-Tvede// From bad taste to Forbes magazine
    9. Andreas Ehn// Music for everyone
    10. Thor Angelo// Don’t underestimate the “product–market fit” phase
    11. Murray Newlands// Learning to become an entrepreneur
    12. Christian Lanng// Leadership from the trenches
    13. Lars Fjeldsøe-Nielsen// “B2Both”: Why all startup founders need a growth currency
    14. Erik Anderson// Catching waves
    15. Mette Lykke// Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint
    16. Brian Chesky// How to build culture
    17. Tine Thygesen// Why culture is just as important for tech startups as tech
    18. Hampus Jakobsson// The entrepreneur’s guide to failing in a good way
    19. Theis Søndergaard// Trust everyone!
    20. Craig Newmark// Listen, act, repeat
  9. Innovation
    1. Tendayi Viki// We train people to innovate and then tell them to stop doing so
    2. Salim Ismail// We are animals with tools
    3. Danny Lange// Becoming truly data driven
    4. Alf Rehn// The land of lost ambition
    5. Julie Kjær-Madsen// Curiosity is an irritating, underestimated driving force
    6. Paul Nunes// The innovator’s disaster
    7. Nathan Furr// From capturing to creating value
    8. Simon Sinek// Innovation is born from the struggle
    9. Seth Godin// You don’t need more time
    10. Tim Vang// Pretotype or die
    11. Steve Blank// Startups are not a smaller version of a large company
    12. Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg// When not to trust your gut
    13. Jacob de Geer// Banking is essential, but banks are not
    14. Sonia Arrison// Our hearts and minds will have much more time
    15. Jimmy Maymann// Disruption is something you must experience yourself
    16. Daniel Burrus// How to anticipate the future
    17. Sandja Brügmann// The future leader is ethical, passionate, bold, and driven by purpose
  10. Authentic Leadership
    1. Todd Dewett// The case for authenticity
    2. Edgar H. Schein// Knowing why you are there
    3. Bart Houlahan// I want to redefine success in business
    4. Henry Mintzberg// Companies with soul
    5. Thomas D. Zweifel// No idols > authentic vision
    6. Christian Ørsted// Authentic leadership is narcissism
    7. Otto Scharmer// The world of today and tomorrow
    8. Tom Peters// Are you an 18-second manager?
  11. Index

Product information

  • Title: The GuruBook
  • Author(s): Jonathan Løw
  • Release date: January 2018
  • Publisher(s): Productivity Press
  • ISBN: 9781351343053