Experiment 15

How to Control Several XBee Modules with Broadcast Commands


3 XBee modules

2 XBee adapter boards

4 LEDs

4 220-ohm, 1/4 watt, 10% resistors (red-red-brown)

1 Solderless breadboard

1 USB-to-XBee adapter

1 USB cable—type-A to mini-B

Digi X-CTU software running on a Windows PC, with an open USB port


In this experiment you will learn how to communicate with more than one remote XBee module via wireless communications. You will use the application programming interface (API) to send AT commands to two remote modules to turn LEDs on or off. In previous experiments you used two modules, one marked XMTR and one marked RCVR. This experiment adds a third XBee module, which I labeled END. If you have only two ...

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