Experiment 18

How to Discover Nearby XBee Modules

Objective: Understand how to discover and identify wireless devices available for communications.


2 or 3 XBee modules

1 or 2 XBee adapter boards

1 Solderless breadboard

1 USB-to-XBee adapter

1 USB cable—type-A to mini-B

1 Arduino Uno or ARM mbed microcontroller module

1 5-V-to-3.3-V logic-conversion circuit or module (Arduino Uno only)

1 3.3-V-to-5-V logic-conversion circuit or module (Arduino Uno only)

1 1000-ohm (1 kohm), 1/4-watt resistor (brown-black-red)

1 220-ohm, 1/4-watt resistor (red-red-brown)


1 Pushbutton (optional)

1 Double-pole double throw (DPDT) toggle switch (Arduino Uno only)

Terminal-emulation software such as HyperTerminal for Windows (ARM mbed only)

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