The Invisible Sale: How to Build a Digitally Powered Marketing and Sales System to Better Prospect, Qualify and Close Leads

Book description

Build a High-Impact, Low-Hassle Digital Sales Prospecting System That Works!

Hate cold calling? Stop doing it! Build a supercharged, highly automated digital sales prospecting system that attracts more qualified leads, shortens sales cycles, and increases conversion rates—painlessly! In The Invisible Sale, Tom Martin reveals techniques he’s used to drive consistent double-digit growth through good times and bad, with no cold calling. Martin’s simple, repeatable process helps you laser-target all your marketing activities, sales messages, and sales calls based on what your prospects are actually telling you. Martin boils complex ideas down to simple, straightforward language…real-life case studies…easy-to-understand templates…and actionable solutions!

  • Discover the “invisible funnel,” where self-educated buyers are making decisions before you know they exist

  • Leverage Funnel Optimized website design to identify your prospects’ key challenges before you ever speak to them

  • Integrate social media, content, and email to optimize the entire prospecting process

  • Make every sales call count with behaviorally targeted email prospecting

  • Leverage Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to efficiently “prospect at scale”

  • Use the science of propinquity to choose “outposts,” strategize social networking, and drive offline campaigns

  • Save money by rightsizing production quality to each marketing requirement

  • Rapidly create keyword-rich text content, and use it widely to promote self-qualification

  • Create webinars and tutorials more easily and painlessly than you ever thought possible

  • Choose low-cost devices, apps, software, and accessories for quickly creating high-quality DIY media content

  • Learn how to apply Aikido Selling Techniques to close self-educated buyers

  • Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. Introduction
    12. Section 1: Selling the Premise
      1. 1. The Tweet That Changed My World
        1. The Tweet That Started It All
        2. Your Web Presence Precedes You
        3. My Whole World Changed with a Single Tweet...or Did It?
      2. 2. Living Inside the Database
        1. Database Selling Versus Data-Based Selling
        2. Sales Inefficiencies
        3. Traditional Prospecting Works
        4. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
        5. Forgetting the Funnel
      3. 3. The Self-Educating Buyer
        1. The Four Key Trends Driving This Shift
        2. B2C Buyers by the Numbers
        3. B2B Buyers by the Numbers
        4. The Online Opportunity
        5. Now You See Me—Now You Don’t
      4. 4. The Little Camera Store That Could
        1. Who Is Adorama?
        2. Adorama’s Content Marketing Machine
        3. AdoramaTV
        4. Scaling AdoramaTV
        5. Building Relationships with Content
        6. Adorama’s Advertising
        7. How Adorama Wins the Invisible Sale
        8. Success Metrics
        9. Brian’s Advice for You
    13. Section 2: Capturing the Invisible Sale
      1. Helping to Create Sales
      2. The Social Sales Force
      3. The Power of Proximity
      4. The Painless Prospecting Platform
      5. Making Every Call Count
      6. Social Prospecting
      7. 5. Selling Versus Helping
        1. Helping Creates Buying Signals
        2. Buyers Want Answers
        3. Buyers Know What They Want but Not What They Need
        4. You Have To Give Before You Get
        5. Helping Is Easier Than Selling
        6. People Trust Experts
        7. Help Buyers Realize They Need You
        8. The World Needs Helpful Content
      8. 6. Social Agents
        1. Social Agents Are Your Social Sales Force
        2. Power Agents
        3. Agents Want to Help
        4. What Makes a Great Agent?
        5. Which Is More Important—Agents or Prospects?
      9. 7. Propinquity
        1. Marketing Propinquity
        2. Psychological Propinquity
        3. Propinquity Is the New TOMA
        4. From TOMA to TOMP
        5. Propinquity in Practice
        6. Hurdles to Achieving Propinquity
        7. The Propinquity Solution
      10. 8. Creating Your Painless Prospecting Platform
        1. Creating Your Home Base
        2. Designing a Funnel-Optimized Home Base
        3. Defining the Obvious Propinquity Points
        4. Defining the Not-So-Obvious Propinquity Points
        5. Step 1: Social Listening
        6. Step 2: Geographic Social Listening
        7. Step 3: Using Primary Research
        8. Step 4: Classifying Your Propinquity Points
        9. Closed Versus Open Outposts
        10. Manning Your Embassies
        11. Developing Your Propinquity Map
        12. Creating a Breadcrumb Strategy
      11. 9. Making Every Call Count
        1. Behavioral Segmentation Email Programs
        2. Why Behavioral Email Works
        3. Behavioral Email: A Case Study
        4. Behavioral Email: The First Step Solution
        5. Behavioral Prospecting
        6. The Role of Funnel-Optimized Websites in Behavioral Prospecting
        7. Advent Global’s Behavioral Profiling Program
      12. 10. Social Selling
        1. Social Selling Is About Seduction
        2. How Can You Be More Seductive?
        3. Hearing Your Prospect Online
        4. Defining Your Social Selling Approach
        5. Developing Your Corporate Social Brand
        6. Social Warning
        7. Social Rules of Engagement
        8. Creating a Sense of Attachment
        9. Six Ways to Get Started in Social Selling
    14. Section 3: Creating Your Content
      1. Creating Right-Sized Content
      2. Content Creation Types
      3. A Disciplined Content Creation Framework
      4. 11. Creating Video
        1. Let the Equipment Do the Work
        2. Focus on Storytelling
        3. Video Creates Relationships
        4. Creating Better Video
        5. Cameras for Video Creation
        6. Desktop Video Editing
        7. A DIY Video Blog Case Study
        8. Mobile Video-Creation Apps
        9. Mobile Video-Editing Apps
      5. 12. Creating Photography
        1. The Modern Visual Palette Research
        2. How to Shoot Better Photographs
        3. Selecting Lenses
        4. Lighting
        5. Building the Ultimate Photography Kit
        6. Photo-Editing Software
        7. Mobile Photo Apps
      6. 13. Creating Audio
        1. Marketing at the Speed of Sound
        2. The Benefits of Podcasting
        3. Different Types of Podcasts
        4. The Secrets of Podcasting Success
        5. Prospecting with Podcasts
        6. Getting Started: Equipment and Software
        7. Creating a Mobile Recording Studio
      7. 14. Creating Text-Based Content
        1. Talking Versus Typing
        2. Write Your Content 1,000 Words at a Time
        3. Using Interviews to Create Text
        4. A Disciplined Writing Process
        5. Using Content Templates
        6. Pushing Through Writer’s Block
        7. Text Content Options and Tips
        8. eBooks
        9. White Papers
        10. Blog Posts
      8. 15. Creating Live and Recorded Webinars and Product Tutorials
        1. Five Keys to Successful Webinars
        2. How to Record Your Webinar
        3. How to Record Webinar Audio Using a Smartphone
        4. How to Convert Your Recordings to MP3
        5. How to Synchronize the Audio and Slides for Your Webinar
        6. Creating Great Product Demonstration Videos
        7. Planning Product Demos
      9. 16. Cornerstones and Cobblestones: The Content Creation Framework
        1. Cornerstones and Cobblestones Explained
        2. Repurposing Content
        3. The Cornerstone and Cobblestone Framework
        4. Repurposing Content: The Importance of Ecosystem Thinking
        5. The Art and Science of Guest Posting
        6. The IVS Case Study
    15. Section 4: Closing the Deal
      1. 17. Closing the Deal
        1. How to Blow the Invisible Close
        2. The Invisible Process Versus the Traditional Sales Process
        3. The Online-Only Close
        4. The Offline Close
        5. The Blended Close
        6. Aikido Selling
    16. In Closing
    17. Index

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    • Title: The Invisible Sale: How to Build a Digitally Powered Marketing and Sales System to Better Prospect, Qualify and Close Leads
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: September 2013
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133431308