Chapter 1: This Thing We Call Work

What Is the Problem?

Starting a Work Revolution

The Three Channels of Change

Tying It All Together

Chapter 2: Signs We Have It Wrong

The Deluxe Job-Shove-It Quiz

Interpreting Your Answers

Chapter 3: The New Rules

What Is Our Reality?

Putting It All Together

Breaking the Old Rules

The New Rules

Chapter 4: Impact, Not Activities

Roots of Management by Activity

Organizations as Problem Statements

Leaders Asking Questions

Individuals as Instigators

More on Impact to Come


Chapter 5: Energy, Not Schedules

Rivers of Energy

The Energy of Individuals

The Energy of Value

Eliminating Bad Energy


Chapter 6: Strengths, Not Job Slots

Strengths, Talents, Passions

Naming Your Strengths

Strengths of a Team

Building an Organization on Strengths


Chapter 7: The Right Things, Not Everything

And the Number One Leadership Skill Is. . .

Strategy Is Prioritization

Eliminate the Bottom, Push to the Top

Team Prioritization


Chapter 8: Grassroots, Not Top-Down

The Power of Small

Empowerment through Collective Intelligence

Letting Go of Control in Organizations

Individuals Inspiring Differentiation


Chapter 9: Conclusion

Fears of Leaders

Fears of Individuals

It’s the System, Stupid

Trust versus Fear

What Success Looks Like


Grassroots, not Top-Down

The Right things, not Everything

Energy, not Schedules

Strengths, not Job Slots

Impact, not Activities

Putting it all Together


Universal Principles

Acknowledgments ...

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