Chapter 19. Apache Modules

Modules are a key part of Apache. They provide much of the functionality administrators expect in a modern web server, including user tracking, CGI scripting, and authentication. However, we should warn you up front that not all the modules presented here are compiled by default into the Apache server; this can be configured by the administrator when the distribution is first compiled.

Table 19.1 describes the standard Apache modules.

Table 19-1. Apache Modules

Module Compiled Description
mod_access YesAccess control
mod_actions YesCGI scripting
mod_alias YesAliasing and filesystem mapping
mod_asis YesProvides for .asis (as is) files
mod_auth YesUser authentication
mod_auth_anon NoAnonymous user authentication
mod_auth_db NoUser authentication with DB files
mod_auth_dbm NoUser authentication with DBM files
mod_autoindex YesAutomatic directory listings
mod_browser NoSetting of environment variables (obsolete)
mod_cern_meta NoSupport for CERN metafiles
mod_cgi YesExecution of CGI scripts
mod_cookies NoUser tracking (obsolete)
mod_digest NoMD5 user authentication
mod_dir YesSimple directory handling
mod_dld NoRuntime linking of object modules (obsolete)
mod_dll NoRuntime linking of object modules (obsolete)
mod_env NoEnvironment variable handling
mod_example NoExample of Apache API usage
mod_expires NoAutomatic expire headers
mod_headers NoModification of HTTP response headers
mod_imap YesImage map handling
mod_include YesServer-side includes
mod_info ...

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