Standard Bitmaps

A number of bitmaps are included with the standard distribution of the X Window System. These bitmaps can be used for setting window background pixmaps and possibly for application icon pixmaps.

By default, the standard bitmaps are located in the directory /usr/include/X11/bitmaps. Each bitmap is in standard X11 bitmap format in its own file. The bitmap application can be used to view these bitmaps in larger scale and to edit them (though their permissions normally do not allow overwriting).

You can use these bitmaps to set the background pattern of a window in any application that allows it. For example, if you wanted to change the root window background pixmap, you could do so using xsetroot as follows:

xsetroot −bitmap /usr/include/X11/bitmaps/wide_weave

Note that the bitmaps that come in pairs, such as cntr_ptr and cntr_ptrmsk, are intended for creating pointer shapes. See Chapter 11, Setup Clients, for information on specifying a bitmap as the root window pointer.

The 63 bitmaps pictured on the following pages are included in the Release 4 standard distribution of X. Forty-one of these bitmaps are also available in the Release 3 standard distribution. Table G-1 lists those bitmaps that have been added to the standard distribution in Release 4.

Table G-1. Standard Bitmaps Available as of Release 4

calculator dropbar7 dropbar8
escherknot hlines2 hlines3
keyboard16 letters mailempty
mailemptymsk mailfull mailfullmsk
menu10 menu12 menu16
menu8 noletters plaid
terminal vlines2 vlines3


Figure G-1. The Standard Bitmaps


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