The writing of this book took place over a period in my life that I know I’ll one day look back upon as one of immense uncertainty, family disruption and personal growth. As I write now, in the final days before this book goes off for typesetting, the future is still uncertain. So I am more present than ever to the people in my life who’ve supported me throughout this period.

My first acknowledgement needs to go to Lucy Raymond, Bronwyn Evans, Ingrid Bond, and all the team at Wiley, in Australia, Asia and the USA, for their support of a book that not only went well over the original word scope, but outside the lines of the traditional business genre. Thank you for entrusting me to write a book on trusting oneself. In the spirit of dialling up my own daring, I hope this book will vindicate your trust, emboldening millions to choose the path of faith over fear and take braver actions that build stronger outcomes — in every domain of work, leadership, love and life.

A deeply heartfelt thank you also to my many dear and treasured friends covering many time zones around the world for the countless times you’ve expressed your faith in me. The title of this book was originally inspired by the refrain I’ve said to others thousands of times, but it’s also one I’ve valued hearing just as many. The big-hearted people who make up my global tribe are too numerous to list, but I feel compelled to list the names of a good few: Anna, Maryellen, Susan, Sarah, Lizzy, Jane, Nic, ...

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