1Don’t Wait for ConfidenceBegin before you feel ready

If you’ve picked up this book then chances are that you’re like me, and like so many people I meet in my travels.

You want to live a good life — a life in which you feel fully alive, connected and cared for, and where you’re contributing to the world in a meaningful way.

Chances are there are some parts of your life that are tracking along pretty well, and some other parts, well … not so much. Maybe the ground beneath you feels pretty shaky, or something has rocked your world and left your head spinning and your heart hurting. Or maybe there is nothing particularly wrong, but something just feels amiss … not quite right, not aligned with the truth of who you are.

Maybe there are some things you’d like to change in your life. Maybe big changes. Big ideas. Dreams so bold that some days they feel more like mere fantasies — about the kind of life you could create if the stars and moon and planets all aligned in your favour.

And yet … that voice …

I mean who are little ol’ you, with all your shortcomings and inadequacies, flaws and failings, to think that you could do that thing that tugs most at your heart?

To pursue that dream?

To summit that peak?

To build that business?

And so …

You stick to the path you’re on and settle for the life you’ve got. I mean, it’s not so bad. (Well, at least not compared to the most miserable situations your imagination can conjure up.)

And you’re right, it’s not so bad as that. It’s just not ...

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