Chapter 1: An Introduction to Database Development


Examining the differences between databases, tables, records, fields, and values

Discovering why multiple tables are used in a database

Exploring Access database objects

Designing a database system

Database development is unlike most other ways you work with computers. Unlike Microsoft Word or Excel, where the approach to working with the application is relatively intuitive, good database development requires prior knowledge. You have to learn a handful of fundamentals, including database terminology, basic database concepts, and database best practices.

Throughout this chapter, we cover the fundamentals of database development.

crossref If your goal is to get right into Access, you might want to skip to Chapter 2.

The Database Terminology of Access

Access follows most, but not all, traditional database terminology. The terms database, table, record, field, and value indicate a hierarchy from largest to smallest. These same terms are used with virtually all database systems.


Generally, the word database is a computer term for a collection of information concerning a certain topic or business application. Databases help you organize this related information in a logical fashion for easy access and retrieval.


Some older database systems used the term database to describe individual tables; current use of ...

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