Chapter 33: Integrating Access with SharePoint


Linking to SharePoint lists

Importing SharePoint lists

Exporting Access tables to SharePoint

Upsizing Access databases to SharePoint

Using SharePoint list templates

Several of the previous chapters of this book have touched on different data sources for Access. You've seen how Access supports importing, linking, and exporting data. Access has no equal when it comes to sharing data with other applications.

SharePoint data linked to an Access application is live and reflects changes made by users almost instantly. In reality, SharePoint integration is one of the big stories (from Microsoft's perspective) in Access and Office 2013. Microsoft is busily enhancing the ability of Access and SharePoint to cooperate and share data. SharePoint services can be both local to a specific company or rented/leased from service providers. When a user opens an Access report, at least a portion of the data may be hosted on a SharePoint site many thousands of miles away.

This chapter demonstrates the power and flexibility of using SharePoint data within Access applications.

On the Web

The starting database for this walkthrough, Chapter33.accdb, can be downloaded from this book's website.


You'll need access to a SharePoint server to experiment with the data sharing techniques described in this chapter. If you're interested in using SharePoint, you'll need to contact your IT department to inquire about getting access to a SharePoint ...

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