Appendix A: Access 2013 Specifications


Identifying the Access 2013 specifications and limits

Looking at limits for Access 2013 tables, queries, forms, and reports

Reviewing limits for SQL Server Express Edition

This appendix shows the limits of Access 2013 database files, tables, queries, forms, reports, and macros. Be aware that the values given in this appendix are subject to change. Refer to for the latest information on these specifications.

The maximum database size, number of columns, and other limits of Access databases are more than adequate for the vast majority of Access applications. That being said, the database size limit is one that many Access developers find themselves frequently bumping up against. The size limit for an Access database is currently 2GB. You may find that, due to sheer volume of data, your database easily hits that limit.

Generally speaking, if you have a database that contains more than 2GB of data and you can't split your database into multiple Access databases, it's probably time to consider upsizing to SQL Server Express. Because its database size is 10GB, SQL Server Express might help with the initial move. SQL Server Express is a free download and may be freely distributed with your Access applications.


Simply enter SQL Server Express 2008 R2 into your favorite search engine to find the free download.

Always keep in mind that Access is a file-based database system. The Access database file, whether ...

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