Arduino is a tool, a community, and a way of thinking that is affecting how we use and understand technology. It has rekindled a love and understanding of electronics for many people, including myself, who felt that electronics was something that they had left behind at school.

Arduino is tiny circuit board that has huge potential. It can be used to blink a Morse-code signal using a single light-emitting diode (LED) or to control every light in a building, depending on how far you take it. Its capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

Arduino is also providing a new, practical approach to technical education, lowering the entry level for those wanting to use electronics to complete small projects and, I hope, encouraging you to read further to take on big ones.

A huge and ever-growing community of Arduinists has emerged — users and developers who learn from each other and contribute to the open-source philosophy by sharing the details of their projects. This open-source attitude is responsible for the huge popularity of Arduino.

Arduino is more than just a gadget; it’s a tool. A piece of technology that makes understanding and using today’s technology easier.

So if the prospect of understanding the limitless possibilities of technology doesn’t sound interesting to you, please put this book down and back away.

Otherwise, read on!

About This Book

This is a technical book, but it’s not for technical people only. Arduino is designed to be usable by anyone, ...

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