Chapter 6. Inspiring People

Keoki Andrus

Andrew: So, how did you come to know about software teams?

Keoki: Well, I've been in the software industry for 20 years. I started at Microsoft, and I worked on the first versions of Word. I worked with one of the project managers for Office, too, when we converted it from a bundle to a suite. After that, I worked as an executive for years, running product management at Novell in project management and strategy.

This became a family joke with my wife. We would always start the engagement with a discussion of "What should we be doing with our product?" And almost always, within a few days, it became a discussion of "How do I run my company? My people aren't happy. How do we solve these problems?" And it's always because of the way the organization runs, and the cohesiveness of the organization—those things have a huge impact on the success.

Andrew: Where did you really cut your teeth on getting teams working?

Keoki: I worked at Intuit for a while. I ran a company, and I was called in there. The Orem, Utah, site was a site that they ...

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