Acts and legislation. See Legislation and acts


ad targeting
geospatial intelligence and
industry examples

Affiliate marketing

Algorithm, definition

Algorithmic trading

Alvarez, Chuck

Analysts. See Data analysts

Analytics. See also Business intelligence (BI)

analytic applications
being analytical (see Institutionalizing analytics)
business intelligence versus
communication cycle
crowdsourcing analytics
data discovery
delivering results (see also Data scientists; Visualizing data)
description of
firewalls and
geospatial intelligence
health care analytics
in-database analytics
institutionalizing (see Institutionalizing analytics)
marketing analytics (see also Marketing)
on mobile devices
MPP appliance analytics
new versus old
organizational structure and
platforms (see Platforms)
predictive (see Predictive analytics)
quants for Big Data (see Data scientists)
risk analytics
self-service approach
software as a service (SaaS)
spectrum of
tools for
value of
volume and
Web Analytics 2.0 (Kaushik)

Anonymized data

Apache Hadoop. See Hadoop


data warehouse appliances
GPU appliances
MPP appliances

Argyros, Tasso

ASCII codes in binary

Avro, definition

Awadallah, Amr


Batch, definition

Beard, Randal

Behavioral data

advertising impact
behavioral targeting
credit scoring
cross-channel marketing
customer insights
emergence of
fraud prevention
recommendation engines
technology and behavioral sciences

BI. See Business intelligence ...

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