Big Data, Big Analytics is written for business managers and executives who want to understand more about “Big Data.” In researching this book, we realized that there were many texts about high-level strategy and some that went deep into the weeds with sample code. We have attempted to create a balance between the two, making the topic accessible through stories, metaphors, and analogies even though it’s a technical subject area.

We’ve started out the book defining Big Data and discussing why Big Data is important. We illustrate the value of Big Data through industry examples in Chapter 2 and then move into describing the enabling technology in Chapters 3 through 5. While we introduce the people working with Big Data earlier in the book, in Chapter 6 we dive deeper into the organization and the roles it takes to make Big Data successful in an organization. We wrap up the book with a thorough summary of the ethical and privacy issues surrounding Big Data in Chapter 7. Big Data, Big Analytics concludes with an entertaining lecture by Avinash Kaushik of Google.

We welcome feedback. If you have ideas on how we can make this book better—or what topics you’d like covered in a new edition, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit us at

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