Chapter 1: What Is Big Data and Why Is It Important?

A Flood of Mythic “Start-Up” Proportions

Big Data Is More Than Merely Big

Why Now?

A Convergence of Key Trends

Relatively Speaking . . .

A Wider Variety of Data

The Expanding Universe of Unstructured Data

Setting the Tone at the Top


Chapter 2: Industry Examples of Big Data

Digital Marketing and the Non-line World

Database Marketers, Pioneers of Big Data

Big Data and the New School of Marketing

Fraud and Big Data

Risk and Big Data

Credit Risk Management

Big Data and Algorithmic Trading

Big Data and Advances in Health Care

Pioneering New Frontiers in Medicine

Advertising and Big Data: From Papyrus to Seeing Somebody

Using Consumer Products as a Doorway


Chapter 3: Big Data Technology

The Elephant in the Room: Hadoop’s Parallel World

Old vs. New Approaches

Data Discovery: Work the Way People’s Minds Work

Open-Source Technology for Big Data Analytics

The Cloud and Big Data

Predictive Analytics Moves into the Limelight

Software as a Service BI

Mobile Business Intelligence Is Going Mainstream

Crowdsourcing Analytics

Inter- and Trans-Firewall Analytics

R&D Approach Helps Adopt New Technology

Big Data Technology Terms

Data Size 101


Chapter 4: Information Management

The Big Data Foundation

Big Data Computing Platforms (or Computing Platforms That Handle the Big Data Analytics Tsunami)

Big Data Computation

More on Big Data Storage

Big Data Computational Limitations

Big Data Emerging ...

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