Troubleshooting Your XSQL Pages

While you’re developing your XSQL pages, if for any reason you receive an unexpected result, the following techniques may help diagnose the problem.

Common Problems for XSQL Pages with No Stylesheet

If your page does not include any <?xml-stylesheet?> instructions, there are only a few problems that can affect the page:

  • If you request the page and receive a result that still has your <xsql:query> tags in it, the problem is one of the following:

    • You are running an XSQL page from within the JDeveloper 3.1 environment and have not properly included the “XSQL Runtime” library in your current project’s library list. To remedy this, select Project Project Properties... from the main JDeveloper 3.1 menu, and select the Libraries tab of the Project Properties dialog. Click the Add button and select the “XSQL Runtime” library from the list to add it to your project.

    • You are running the XSQL Servlet using a servlet engine that has not been correctly configured to associate the oracle.xml.xsql.XSQLServlet class to the file extension *.xsql. To remedy, see Appendix B for instructions on setting this up correctly for your servlet engine.

    • You have used an incorrect namespace URI to define the xsql namespace prefix for use on your <xsql:query> elements. To remedy, double-check that your namespace declaration is exactly as follows:

  • If your returned “data page” contains <xsql-error> elements like:

    <xsql-error action="xsql:query"> <message>No ...

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