Chapter 13

Defining Solutions, Part 2: Choosing the Right Analysis Technique


Bullet Knowing which analysis technique is right for your requirements

Bullet Determining when a text or graphical technique works best

Bullet Creating story maps to prioritize user stories

Bullet Determining acceptance criteria

Bullet Checking out the advantages and disadvantages of each tool

You don’t perform business analysis in a vacuum; you work with a lot of stakeholders, so keep in mind that, although you may understand the analysis and solution behind what you’re doing, your stakeholders may have a difficult time wrapping their brains around it. Every person is unique, and you have to figure out how to communicate best with each individual. This chapter gives you different ways of analyzing requirements to come up with an effective solution for conveying your data — otherwise known as choosing a data model — in ways to best communicate the key information.

These techniques are tools to help you communicate. Each ...

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