© Dr. Umesh R. Hodeghatta and Umesha Nayak 2017

Umesh R. Hodeghatta and Umesh Nayak, Business Analytics Using R - A Practical Approach, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2514-1_5

5. Business Analytics Process and Data Exploration

Umesh R. Hodeghatta and Umesh Nayak1

(1)Bangalore, Karnataka, India

This chapter covers data exploration, validation, and cleaning required for data analysis. You’ll learn the purpose of data cleaning, why you need data preparation, how to go about handling missing values, and some of the data-cleaning techniques used in the industry.

5.1 Business Analytics Life Cycle

The purpose of business analytics is to derive information from data in order to make appropriate business decisions. Data can be real-time or historical. Typically, you build ...

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