Advanced analytics, 39, 48

Analysis of variance (ANOVA), 86, 98

Analytics. See also specific analytics

applications of, 43–46

and business analytics, 2–4

defined, 2, 34–35

purpose of, 46

types of, 46–48

ANN. See Artificial neural networks

Anomaly detection, 253

ANOVA. See Analysis of variance

Artificial intelligence, 86

Artificial neural networks (ANN), 13, 86, 259–260

Association learning, 251

Associative forecasting techniques, 198–199, 236

Autocorrelation, 166–167

Average forecast error. See Mean error

BA. See Business analytics

Bayes’ theorem, 291

BI. See Business intelligence

Bias, 207–208

Big data, 3, 6, 39

BPM. See Business process management

Business analytics (BA). See also specific analytics

analytics and, 2–4

applications and ...

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