Seven Faces of Business Model Innovation

Seven Faces of Business Model Innovation

The Senior Executive

Jean-Pierre Cuoni, Chairman/EFG International

Focus: Establish a new business model in an old industry

Jean-Pierre Cuoni is chairman of EFG International, a private bank with what may be the industry's most innovative business model. With EFG he is profoundly transforming the traditional relationships between bank, clients, and client relationship managers. Envisioning, crafting, and executing an innovative business model in a conservative industry with established players is an art, and one that has placed EFG International among the fastest growing banks in its sector.

Seven Faces of Business Model Innovation

The Intrapreneur

Dagfinn Myhre, Head of R&I Business Models/Telenor

Focus: Help exploit the latest technological developments with the right business models

Dagfinn leads a business model unit at Telenor, one of the world's ten largest mobile telephone operators. The telecom sector demands continuous innovation, and Dagfinn's initiatives help Telenor identify and understand sustainable models that exploit the potential of the latest technological developments. Through deep analysis of key industry trends, and by developing and using leading-edge analytical tools, Dagfinn's team explores new business concepts and opportunities.

The Entrepreneur

Mariëlle Sijgers,

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