Chapter 17

Seven Steps to Adaptability

In the course of this book, I have tried to explain a set of technologies in the social mobile cloud that are fundamentally changing the way our businesses work, our society functions, and even how we behave as individuals. I have offered a set of new business models for you to consider as you think about how these technologies will impact your industry and your life. And I have offered some ideas to help in understanding how change happens, what you can do to get the big picture, and how you can be more effective in making the decisions that are needed to move your business and yourself forward productively.

All of this comes together around the challenge of adaptability— how you respond to change, taking a challenging situation, and learning to not just cope but even thrive in the new environment. These seven steps can help you (and allow you to help your colleagues and your organization) to achieve this adaptability.

Step 1: Why We Resist Change

Understanding why we behave the way we do is essential before we can change our behavior. In understanding our resistance to change, the most important aspect is not to judge yourself. We all are in the same boat—we are hardwired to develop experience, which naturally limits our ability to react to a changed environment. But this is surmountable—we just need to train ourselves to recognize when our experience has become debilitating, and be open to alternatives—especially alternative ways of understanding ...

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