Cloud Native Transformation

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In the past few years, going cloud native has been a big advantage for many companies. But it’s a tough technique to get right, especially for enterprises with critical legacy systems. This practical hands-on guide examines effective architecture, design, and cultural patterns to help you transform your organization into a cloud native enterprise—whether you’re moving from older architectures or creating new systems from scratch.

By following Wealth Grid, a fictional company, you’ll understand the challenges, dilemmas, and considerations that accompany a move to the cloud. Technical managers and architects will learn best practices for taking on a successful company-wide transformation.

Cloud migration consultants Pini Reznik, Jamie Dobson, and Michelle Gienow draw patterns from the growing community of expert practitioners and enterprises that have successfully built cloud native systems. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t when adopting cloud native—including how this transition affects not just your technology but also your organizational structure and processes.

You’ll learn:

  • What cloud native means and why enterprises are so interested in it
  • Common barriers and pitfalls that have affected other companies (and how to avoid them)
  • Context-specific patterns for a successful cloud native transformation
  • How to implement a safe, evolutionary cloud native approach
  • How companies addressed root causes and misunderstandings that hindered their progress
  • Case studies from real-world companies that have succeeded with cloud native transformations

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Table of contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Preface
    1. About This Book
    2. Latest Pattern Developments
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
    4. O’Reilly Online Learning
    5. How to Contact Us
    6. Acknowledgments
  3. Prologue: Evolve or Else
    1. Welcome to WealthGrid!
    2. A Stranger Comes to Town
    3. Stranger Danger
    4. Cereal Killer
    5. You Say You Want an Evolution
    6. Which Evolutionary Stage Are You In?
  4. 1. What Is Cloud Native?
    1. Cloud Native Is Not “The Cloud”
    2. A Cloud Native Primer
      1. How Do I Know Cloud Native When I See It?
      2. It’s All About Services
    3. Fitting Everything Together
    4. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
    5. (Distributed) Systems Shock
    6. Shocking Immaturity
    7. The Executive Summary
  5. 2. The Human Challenge of Cloud Native
    1. Culture Vulture
    2. A (Brief) Field Guide to Organizational Culture
    3. “Right” Solutions, “Wrong” Culture
    4. The Culture Clash Conundrum
    5. Which Brings Us Back to…Culture
  6. I. Meet Our WealthGrid Team
  7. 3. What’s the Pattern? Architecture, Pattern Languages, and Design
    1. Patterns
    2. A Time for Design
    3. A Cloud Native Pattern Language
      1. Patterns in Context
    4. Cloud Native Context in the Real World
    5. Common Contexts
    6. Patterns, Pattern Languages, and Designs
      1. How Patterns Work
      2. What Makes a Pattern?
      3. How (Iba) Patterns Are Made
      4. Presentation
      5. Our Approach
  8. 4. Beyond Patterns: Behavior, Biases, and Managing Evolution
    1. Conway’s Law
    2. Cognitive Biases
    3. Why Biases Are Useful
    4. Biases, Patterns, and Behavior
    5. Nudges
    6. Common Biases and Nudges
    7. What to Watch For, and How to Overcome
  9. II. First Attempt at Transformation–Cloud Native “Side Project”
  10. 5. Knowing Thyself: The Cloud Native Maturity Matrix Tool
    1. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…
    2. For Mature Audiences Only: The Maturity Matrix
    3. Staying in Sync
    4. Applying the Matrix
      1. Culture
      2. Product/Service Design
      3. Team
      4. Process
      5. Architecture
      6. Maintenance
      7. Delivery
      8. Provisioning
      9. Infrastructure
    5. Connecting the Dots
    6. The Axes, United
  11. III. Second Attempt at Cloud Native
  12. 6. Tools for Understanding and Using Cloud Native Patterns
    1. So Many (Deceptively Simple) Tools
    2. Tools to Take You the Rest of the Way
      1. Proficiency Versus Creativity
      2. Want Fries with That?
      3. Creativity, Proficiency, and Enterprise
      4. Three Horizons
      5. We Are the Champions?
    3. So What the Heck Happened at WealthGrid?
    4. Summary
  13. 7. Patterns for Strategy and Risk Reduction
    1. Meet Steve
    2. Strategize, Then Delegate
    3. Pattern: Dynamic Strategy
    4. Pattern: Value Hierarchy
    5. Pattern: Business Case
    6. Pattern: Executive Commitment
    7. From Theory to Execution
    8. Pattern: Transformation Champion
    9. Pattern: Vision First
    10. Pattern: Objective Setting
    11. Pattern: Involve the Business
    12. Pattern: Periodic Checkups
    13. Pattern: Data-Driven Decision Making
    14. Pattern: Learning Loop
    15. Pattern: Learning Organization
    16. Pattern: Measure What Matters
    17. Pattern: Research Through Action
    18. Practical Patterns for Managing Any Kind of Risk
    19. Pattern: Gradually Raising the Stakes
    20. Pattern: No Regret Moves
    21. Pattern: Options and Hedges
    22. Pattern: Big Bet
    23. Pattern: Reduce Cost of Experimentation
    24. Pattern: Exit Strategy Over Vendor Lock-in
    25. Maintaining Strategic Momentum
    26. Pattern: Three Horizons
    27. Pattern: Reflective Breaks
    28. Pattern: Designated Strategist
    29. Ready for Next
  14. 8. Patterns for Organization and Culture
    1. Pattern: Core Team
    2. Pattern: Build-Run Teams (“Cloud Native DevOps”)
    3. Pattern: Platform Team
    4. Pattern: SRE Team
    5. Pattern: Remote Teams
    6. Pattern: Co-Located Teams
    7. Pattern: Communicate Through Tribes
    8. Pattern: Manage for Creativity
    9. Pattern: Manage for Proficiency
    10. Pattern: Strangle Monolithic Organizations
    11. Pattern: Gradual Onboarding
    12. Pattern: Design Thinking for Radical Innovation
    13. Pattern: Agile for New Development (Innovation Breaks)
    14. Pattern: Lean for Optimization
    15. Pattern: Internal Evangelism
    16. Pattern: Ongoing Education
    17. Pattern: Exploratory Experiments
    18. Pattern: Proof of Concept (PoC)
    19. Pattern: MVP Platform
    20. Pattern: Decide Closest to the Action
    21. Pattern: Productive Feedback
    22. Pattern: Psychological Safety
    23. Pattern: Personalized Relationships for Co-Creation
    24. Pattern: Blameless Inquiry
    25. Summary
  15. 9. Patterns for Development and Process
    1. Pattern: Open Source Internal Projects
    2. Pattern: Distributed Systems
    3. Pattern: Automated Testing
    4. Pattern: Continuous Integration
    5. Pattern: Reproducible Dev Environments
    6. Pattern: No Long Tests in CI/CD
    7. Pattern: Microservices Architecture
    8. Pattern: Communicate Through APIs
    9. Pattern: Reference Architecture
    10. Pattern: Architecture Drawing
    11. Pattern: Developer Starter Pack
    12. Pattern: Demo Applications
    13. Pattern: Secure System from the Start
    14. Pattern: Strangle Monolithic Application
    15. Pattern: Delayed Automation
    16. Pattern: Avoid Reinventing the Wheel
    17. Pattern: A/B Testing
    18. Pattern: Serverless
    19. Summary
  16. 10. Patterns for Infrastructure and Cloud
    1. Pattern: Private Cloud
    2. Pattern: Public Cloud
    3. Pattern: Automated Infrastructure
    4. Pattern: Self-Service
    5. Pattern: Dynamic Scheduling
    6. Pattern: Containerized Apps
    7. Pattern: Observability
    8. Pattern: Continuous Delivery
    9. Pattern: Continuous Deployment
    10. Pattern: Full Production Readiness
    11. Pattern: Risk-Reducing Deployment Strategies
    12. Pattern: Lift and Shift at the End
    13. Summary
  17. 11. Applying the Patterns: A Transformation Design Story, Part 1
    1. PHASE 1: THINK
      1. Enter the Champion
      2. Ready to Commit
      3. Vision and Core Team
      4. Delegating Power
    2. PHASE 2: DESIGN
      1. Distributed Systems and Friends
      2. Exploratory Experiments
      3. Proof of Concept
  18. 12. Applying the Patterns: A Cloud Native Transformation Design, Part 2
    1. PHASE 3: BUILD
      1. Prepare for Onboarding
      2. Onboarding the Right Way, at the Right Time
    2. PHASE 4: RUN
      1. Strangle All the Old Things
      2. Keeping Creativity Alive
    3. The End?
  19. 13. Common Transformation Challenges
    1. Too-Early “Lift & Shift” Move
    2. Treating Cloud Native as Simply an Extension of Agile
    3. “Spiking” Cloud Native Transformation via Unbalanced Approach
    4. New System, Old Structure
    5. Wrong Order of Implementation
    6. Platform Not Ready for Production; Going to Production Anyway
    7. The Greenfield Myth, or, the “All or Nothing” Approach
    8. Lack of Platform Team
    9. Lack of Education and Onboarding Plan
    10. Summary
  20. 14. Building a Bank in a Year: Starling Bank Case Study
    1. Acing the Architecture
    2. Building the Apps
      1. No IT Department
      2. You Build It, You Run It
      3. Continuous Delivery
      4. Cloud Everything
    3. Resilient Architecture
    4. And, Really, That’s It
  21. 15. Welcome to the Jungle: Adidas Cloud Native Transformation Case Study
    1. Welcome to the Jungle
    2. A Playground for Kubernetes
    3. Day 2
    4. Day 2 Afternoon in Cloud City
  22. Epilogue
    1. What’s Next?
    2. Jedi Powers Unlocked
  23. A. Library of Patterns (Thumbnail Reference Versions)
  24. Index

Product information

  • Title: Cloud Native Transformation
  • Author(s): Pini Reznik, Jamie Dobson, Michelle Gienow
  • Release date: December 2019
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492048909