Chapter 7. Patterns for Strategy and Risk Reduction

What is a chapter about strategy and business risk reduction doing in a book about cloud native patterns?

The biggest risk factor enterprises now face is not being able to respond fast enough to a changing environment. No matter what your sector, disruptor companies can show up at any time, and your existing competitors are also seeking the ability to shift direction and choose new markets very, very quickly. If you have a competitor that can shift in 6 months and you can only manage to shift in 12 months, then you are in trouble. Risk reduction today is the ability to respond to sudden or unexpected changes in market conditions when you don’t have much notice, in time to meet or beat the competition. And you achieve this ability through strategy.

How does this all play out in the real world? Well, we just witnessed WealthGrid making a smart move: realizing that the company’s long-term viability depends on adapting to changing environmental (market) conditions, the pragmatic implementation of which is to transform itself into a cloud native company.

In the effort to do just that, however, we also saw WealthGrid do some not so smart things during its two separate attempts at a cloud migration. So maybe now is actually a great time for a little strategy, with a nice side of risk reduction.

In this chapter we will introduce patterns that specifically shape and drive overall strategy in a cloud native organization. And, better yet, ...

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