Chapter 12. Keeping a Team Focused During a Conflict

In This Chapter

  • Prioritizing safety or legal issues

  • Minimizing negative communication

  • Getting back to business

  • Being a leader

  • Helping your team stay strong in the midst of conflict

When a workplace experiences serious conflict, your goal is to do all you can to limit the impact of a situation that very well may be beyond your control and help your team collectively move through a difficult time. In addition to dealing directly with the conflict, your employees will want you to address issues, keep them on track, and help them feel supported.

In this chapter, I walk you through what you can do to keep a team focused and productive during conflict. I give you pointers on how to share information without adding fuel to the fire and discuss how to set up communication channels for staff concerns and feedback. Finally, I offer insight into how you can demonstrate that you're a trusted, strong leader who strategizes rather than reacts.

Addressing Safety or Legal Issues

When conflicts arise, your first priority is to protect employees and the company at large. Depending on the conflict and the people involved, you may notice certain red flags regarding security, such as

  • Threats of harm to person or property, including theft or sexual harassment

  • Mental health issues from angry or disgruntled employees

  • Suspicions of violence

  • Work safety

  • Drug or alcohol issues

  • Any behaviors that lead you to believe a situation "isn't quite right"


Act on any of these ...

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