© Sibel Deren Guler, Madeline Gannon, and Kate Sicchio 2016

Sibel Deren Guler, Madeline Gannon and Kate Sicchio, Crafting Wearables, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1808-2_9

9. Digital Fabrication for Wearables

Sibel Deren Guler, Madeline Gannon2 and Kate Sicchio1

(1)Brooklyn, New York, USA

(2)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

To integrate new materials, we sometimes have to develop new machines. For example, to use fiber optics in clothing, Harry Wainwright (who was introduced in Chapter 1) created a special machine to weave the fibers into fabric, and this enabled him to design more intricate light patterns in the fabrics. Fabrication techniques for manufacturing wearables have been mentioned in previous chapters, but this chapter takes a closer look at some of ...

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