Here is a list of vendors and products for data warehousing/business intelligence. Although this list contains several vendors, the list is by no means exhaustive and complete. As needed, the readers may do their own research on the Internet and elsewhere to find vendors and products in specific areas of data warehousing/business intelligence.

In this list the product information is shown in italics. Only one or two products of each vendor are mentioned. For detailed offerings of each vendor please consult the respective Website.

Large vendors have several product offerings. Therefore, for such vendors, only their Website information is given. Please visit the Websites of these large vendors for complete information on their product offerings.



BIRT (Open Source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools)—full spectrum of products to develop and deploy Rich Information Applications for any organization from a simple startup to a global enterprise. Applications can range from individual reports and Business Intelligence and Performance Management applications for departments to dynamic, interactive applications for hundreds of thousands of users outside the firewall. Included in company's end-to-end information-driven solutions are products for Rich Information Application development, data integration and application deployment.

ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc.


ADVIZOR Analyst—Analyst is ...

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