Note: Page numbers with “b” denote boxes; “f” figures; “t” tables.


Ambiguity, perceptual, 12
Amygdala, 89
Apple iCloud, 60, 61f
blink, 5–6
following recognition of object, 202
characteristics, 92–96
capacity, 93–96
focused and selective, 92–93
cleanup after goal achievement, 119–120
duration of unbroken attention to unit task, 203
external aids, 110–112, 111f–112f
familiar path following, 115–116
relationship to goals, 108–110
brain functions, 110
change blindness, 109–110
inattentional blindness, 108, 109f
relationship to short-term memory, 90–92
scent of information following towards goal, 112–113, 113f–114f
Automatic vs. controlled processing, 138, 140–141


Background noise, reading disruption, 77–78, 78f–79f
Bias, See

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