6Analog Filter

This chapter discusses how to design and realize analog filters in the form of passive filters and active filters.

6.1 Analog Filter Design

Figure 6.1(a)‐(d) shows typical low‐pass/band‐pass/band‐stop/high‐pass filter (LPF/BPF/BSF/HPF) specifications on their log magnitude, 20log10|G()| [dB], of frequency response. The filter specification can be described as follows:


where ωp, ωs, Rp, and As are referred to as the passband edge frequency, the stopband edge frequency, the passband ripple, and the stopband attenuation, respectively. The most commonly used analog filter design techniques are the Butterworth, Chebyshev I, II, and elliptic ones ([K-2], Chapter 8). MATLAB has the built‐in functions ‘butt()’, ‘cheby1()’, ‘cheby2()’, and ‘ellip()’ for designing the four types of analog/digital ...

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