Entrepreneur Revolution: How to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and start a business that works

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The world is embarking on a new age. The age of the entrepreneur, the agile small business owner, the flexible innovator. The days of the industrial age are over. It's time to break free from the industrial revolution mind-set, quit working so hard, follow your dream and make a fortune along the way. The slow dinosaurs of the industrial age are being outpaced by fast-moving start-ups, ambitious small businesses and technological innovators. Entrepreneur Revolution is a master class in gaining an entrepreneurial mind-set, showing you how to change the way you think, the way you network, and the way you make a living. Successful entrepreneur Daniel Priestley will show you how to embrace the Entrepreneur Revolution and thrive in the new age.

  • From a successful entrepreneur who is reaping the rewards of the entrepreneurial age

  • How to shift your mind-set and think like an entrepreneur

  • Ways to adapt your lifestyle to be more successful

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Copyright page
  4. Dedication
  5. Introduction
    1. You might want to Read this Book more than once
  6. Part I: Breaking Free from the Industrial Revolution Economy
    1. Chapter 1: The Entrepreneur Revolution is Happening
      1. Small Businesses can make a difference
    2. Chapter 2: The Rise of the Global Small Business
      1. It’s Time to choose
      2. Now is the Time to choose
    3. Chapter 3: Let’s Look at the System
      1. It’s a System that’s no longer right for us
      2. Activity: Selfish Little Plebs
      3. Too “Greedy” and “Selfish”!?
      4. The Poor Mindset is the Greedy Mindset
      5. Activity: What do you do for a living?
    4. Chapter 4: Meet your Entrepreneur Brain
      1. Don’t let the Reptile run your Life
      2. The Monkey Brain
      3. The Empire Builder
      4. Do not Stimulate your Reptile Brain!
      5. Don’t be a Monkey
    5. Chapter 5: How to be an Empire Builder – Ten Challenges to Kickstart your Entrepreneurial Talents
      1. Challenge 1: Make three calls
      2. Challenge 2: Get your Monkey a Bank Account
      3. Challenge 3: Stop spending time with people who bring you down
      4. Challenge 4: Carry cash
      5. Challenge 5: Buy two Lunches per week for people you don’t yet know
      6. Challenge 6: Tune out from the news
      7. Challenge 7: Keep a journal
      8. Challenge 8: Plan your holidays first
      9. Challenge 9: Get structured
      10. Challenge 10: Get your entrepreneurial team in place
      11. Don’t Skip the tough challenges
    6. Chapter 6: Lean In
    7. Chapter 7: The Very Essence of Success
      1. The First Key: Luck
      2. You can make yourself Luckier
      3. The Second Key: Reputation
      4. The Third Key: Vitality
  7. Part II: Finding Your Place in the Entrepreneur Revolution
    1. Chapter 8: The Entrepreneur Sweet Spot
      1. 1. Doing something you are Passionate about
      2. Activity: Discover your “Theme”
      3. 2. Doing something you’re good at
      4. 3. Doing something that makes Money
    2. Chapter 9: Building a Global Small Business in the Entrepreneur Revolution
      1. Product Strategy: The key to making Money from your Idea
    3. Chapter 10: The Ascending Transaction Model (ATM)
      1. Rules for creating each product in the ATM
      2. These products fit together in a product Ecosystem
      3. Creating the Ecosystem that links your products
      4. The complete ATM
      5. A Big Lesson or Big Result
  8. Part III: Living the Entrepreneur Revolution Dream
    1. Chapter 11: The Seven-Stage Journey into the Entrepreneur Revolution
      1. The three levels of “Work”
      2. The three levels of “Play”
      3. The bonus level!
      4. Don’t skip the levels
      5. Do you have what it takes?
    2. Chapter 12: The Seven Maxims to Cultivate a Culture of Results
      1. Maxim 1: You get what you pitch for … and you are always pitching
      2. Maxim 2: Influence comes from output … not confidence
      3. Maxim 3: Income follows assets
      4. Maxim 4: Get known by the success of your clients
      5. Maxim 5: You are in partnership with everyone who touches your Business
      6. Maxim 6: Ideas are worthless, implementation is everything
      7. Maxim 7: Being imaginative is not being creative
    3. Chapter 13: The Value Creation Cycle
      1. The formula for making something remarkable
    4. Chapter 14: Create vs. Consume
      1. Create the Future, don’t Consume the Past
      2. Consuming is a Drain, creating is joy
    5. Chapter 15: Living the Dream
      1. The age of “Hands”
      2. The age of “Heads”
      3. The age of “Hearts”
      4. Read this book more than once
  9. Case Studies of “Entrepreneur Revolutionaries”
    1. Adèle Thèron
    2. Jeremy Harbour
    3. Sháá Wasmund
    4. Jacqui Sharples
    5. Mike Symes
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. About Daniel Priestley
  12. What Next?

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  • Title: Entrepreneur Revolution: How to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and start a business that works
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2013
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9780857084163