Chapter 2 The cost of poor communication

Building trust and respect in the workplace is a significant contributor to high performance in an organisation. The better the relationships, the more productive the workplace. We've heard it before. We know it!

When conversations matter we often do our worst. We make a poor effort or a damaging attempt — or we avoid them altogether and this becomes the norm. After all, the issue will just go away won't it? No. It won't. The effect is that employees become disengaged, and that always has its own consequences.

As long as the job gets done, does employee engagement really matter? Turns out it does, and much more than we care to acknowledge.

In 2012 the research group Gallup conducted an extensive study into the effect of employee engagement. They looked at almost 50 000 businesses, nearly 1.5 million employees in 34 countries, and discovered the organisations that score in the top 50 per cent for employee engagement have double the odds of success of those in the bottom 50 per cent. Not only that, but those workplaces in the 99th percentile of engagement have four times the success rate.


This is the eighth year Gallup has done a study such as this, and the results have been remarkably consistent each time. And if you are interested in seeing the bottom line when it comes to low employee engagement, then there's some pretty compelling data to look at.

High employee engagement is ...

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